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Latest Update: Monday, April 23rd, 2007
This month's astrology profile:

TAURUS (April 20 Ė May 19)
Youíre amazingly strong and sexy and your mental strength is just as powerful as your physical side. Making money, accumulating power and beefing up your stock portfolio will be important tasks for you this year and youíre likely to walk away a winner. Your all-encompassing quest for all things material can sometimes be a turn off but your carefree good nature in and out of bed makes you a ballistic bed partner. Loosen up a bit and allow your lover to explore your sexuality. Some words of caution on bumping and grinding behind your womanís back: Donít do it or make damn sure you never get caught! I know youíre used to getting your way, but try to fight fair when it comes to arguing. If youíre single, be very honest and open about what youíre looking for. You have a fun and exciting road in front of you, one that ultimately leads to everlasting love. Have a wonderful birthday!
Ruling planet: Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty and sex.
Favorite position: Missionary.
Mattress mambo music: R&B.
Erogenous Zone: Your neck.
Best sex toy for your lover: An erotic massager.
Sex Tip: Life is a romance novel for most women and the more you can do indulge them in their fantasies, the more sex you can negotiate.

This week's Erotiscopes @ AskEros:

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)
Since you and your lover are not afraid to say whatís on your minds, your arguments will be hell. But if you can find a way to share your opinions without increasing your anger, youíll definitely reach the happy couple status. If youíre single, cheer up! Youíre great in bed, you love to talk and a lot of women wouldnít mind sharing the spotlight with the somewhat self-centered you.
How to get everything you want in bed:
If youíre in a committed relationship, let your lover know that you want to increase your level of sexual intimacy by broadening the scope of your lovemaking. Find out what she likes and dislikes and be adaptable.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)
Fabulous sex doesnít always equal great relationships. Even though your lover might curl your toes momentarily, drag her out of the bedroom and youíll wonder what youíve gotten yourself into. Youíre always intent on getting some both in the bedroom and beyond but thatís the last thing your woman will ever deliver. If youíre unattached, your easy approach to life makes the opposite sex think youíre always up to something.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Forget raunchy pillow talk and opt for some passionate praising instead. Sexy and seductive speech lets your lover know that sheís turning you on. Your enthusiastic oral ovations will make her remember her winning moves next time.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)
All signals are go if you and your lover can learn to curb your competition with each other. Both of you like to call the shots, but for entirely different reasons. Your love life will flourish if you learn to share the spotlight with your woman. Compromise is key to your happiness. If youíre single, sparks will fly between you and a close friend but not for very long.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Try to keep things light and fun in bed. If youíre lover is worried that sheís not doing something right, gently reassure her and keep playing around. Try to educate her without patronizing her or putting her down.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)
You and your lover can form a storybook romance with a little bit of work. If you loosen up a bit and dare to delve into your loverís subconscious and if she is more realistic about money matters, your sexy partnership has everything else going for it. If youíre unattached, confrontations with the opposite sex will be constant and combative. Be very careful.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Donít be surprised by how open your lover probably is to new ideas and naughty sexual fantasies. Talk to her about them in a sensitive, caring way with the goal of improving your sex life. You have very little to lose.

LEO (July 23 - August 22)
You want to be in charge round the clock and this can create a lot of problems. If you can tone down your basic need to manipulate, your lover will stick around for the long haul but if your authoritative side wonít take a breather, your lover will be out of there fast. If youíre single, get over your fears and strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman youíll meet at a party.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Tease your lover. She rarely gets to experience the thrill of sexual anticipation. Instead of diving straight into intercourse, slowly kiss your way down to you know where. Sheíll definitely reciprocate the favor.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)
Your woman likes life orderly while you think rules are meant to be broken. You both enjoy having sex but once you abandon the bump and grind, fights will be extremely frequent. Eventually, resentment will build, breaking your relationship to bits. If youíre unattached, youíll soon find a gorgeous lover sent straight from the heavens. This is youíre chance!
How to get everything you want in bed:
If you want to talk to your lover about sexy changes in the bedroom, bring them up during a nonsexual situation. Do it openly and calmly with the understanding that you might not get what you ask for right away. Start by engaging her interest.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)
You and your lover are going to argue a lot this week and power plays will be an almost daily problem. However, you both love to argue and your constant quest to gain control will equal a spicy sex life that never fails to please. If youíre single, youíll form a conversation with an intelligent woman. Your amicable union will soon turn into torture. Watch out!
How to get everything you want in bed:
When you tell your lover about your fantasies, donít set the bar too high and donít make them too complex in the beginning. You may have to help her along the way so take your time and show her exactly what you mean.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)
Sex soars between you and your lover but thatís all you have in common. When you put together two people notorious for being extremely hard-headed, you create a situation where vengeance and control become far more important than love and lovemaking. If youíre unattached, youíll have an interesting time talking to a pretty woman but eventually, the same disparities that attracted you to one another will spell doom.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Spontaneity makes your lover feel irresistible, which increases her self-confidence in bed. Take your woman in the spur of the moment and make her feel that sheís the sexiest creature on the planet. Sheíll be more than willing to return the favor.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)
You like life peaceful, passive and quite while your lover thinks arguing is a great way to pass time. The difficulties will only get worse over time. Sex will shine but when itís over, youíll face a deluge of dilemmas. Maybe itís time to head out of this nowhere relationship. If youíre single, prepare yourself for a blissful bonding. The two of you wonít just be lovers, youíll be friends as well.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Your lover is more likely to enjoy intercourse and submit to your dirty little demands if she doesnít feel pressure, physical pressure that is. Gentle back rubs are not only an excellent way to get her bra off, but can make effective foreplay for days to come.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)
You and your lover share such a strong and long lasting attraction, chances for a breakup are very slim. Your woman wants a strong partner who wonít back down in the face of adversity while you live to do the right thing. Youíll find happiness with this woman so lie back and enjoy! If youíre unattached, a lot of women think youíre a superficial loser but itís up to you to prove them wrong.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Donít expect the most experienced woman to be a mind reader. You have to overcome your shyness and insecurity and take charge in bed. In other words, donít just stand there, show your lover how to satisfy you.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)
Your woman wants a lover who doesnít look at others and often thinks your roving eye equals infidelity. This can be a meaningful merger is you can fight your natural tendency to fool around. So keep your pants zipped unless your woman is the one doing the pulling. If youíre single, compromise is key to making a perilous passion work. If you must have your way, realize this is a one-way street to nowhere.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Stop focusing on your erection as the center of your sexuality and become aware of your loverís erogenous zones. You have to work on stimulating these areas if you want more satisfying foreplay and intercourse.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)
Your lover craves security and romance. This week, do sweet little nothings to prove your affection like sending flowers. Maybe this isnít the ultimate love connection, but you can certainly make it work if youíre willing to go the extra mile. If youíre unattached, your roving eye often brings out all the insecurities for which women are famous. Change your ways.
How to get everything you want in bed:
Try to find out whatís behind your loverís reluctance to be more open-minded and adventurous in bed. If she doesnít enjoy certain positions and techniques, she may be willing to give them a try if sheís comfortable with your relationship in general.


What do the stars have in store for you next week?

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